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The Benefits of Playing the Lottery Using AutoLotto


AutoLotto pic

Image: AutoLotto.com

Created by tech entrepreneurs Matt Clemenson and Tony DiMatteo, AutoLotto allows users to play and monitor major US lottery games, such as Powerball and Mega Millions, using their phones. Built in an attempt to bring technology to paper tickets, AutoLotto offers a range of benefits to users.

As a ticket management service, it eliminates the risk of losing a paper ticket. Also, players can claim winnings instantly instead of going to a store to get the ticket verified. Given that over $2 billion in lottery winnings go unclaimed in the United States every year, the safety, security, and automation offered by the app are some of its key features.

Convenience is also placed at the forefront, with players able to get tickets in just a couple of taps, completely free of commissions and fees. Further, the app offers a variety of incentives, including a free ticket on signup and a referral program that offers users a free ticket for every friend who signs up to the app.